Resodip 647
Epoxy liquid system Resodip 647 is solvent-free and self extinguishing according to UL94 (V0).
High dielectric strength, remarkable adherence to metallic and non metallic substrate, great strength and huge impact resistance are it's strong points. This rigid system has been developed to achieve thicknesses from 1 to 5mm and has typical applications in T&D for coating of bars, ducts, deflector shields in solid metal or in fusion castings for medium to medium/high voltage applications
Resodip MCM 635
Epoxy liquid system Resodip MCM 635 is derived from Resodip 647, it's solvent free and self extinguishing according to UL94 (V0).
The difference between the two system are surface hardness and colour, while retaining good dielectric strength and great impact resistance. This semi-rigid product has been developed to create insulating external shells, self sustaining, perfectly adherent to the internal metal core. Thickness range is 2 to 4mm


Deflector shield

Aluminium deflector shield for oil electrical insulation at 800kV, coated with Resodip 647


Power plant electrical conduits

Silver plated power ducts, coated with resodip 647


Component for crimping cables

Tooling component for crimping electrical connectors, coated with Resodip MCM 635